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2 years ago

Annapolis Dog Walkers

Annapolis Pet Sitting

Pet sitters use a great chance of a second income source by providing dog walking services. Being an added service, a pet sitter can provide their dog-owning clients a special package price that may include specifically timed dog-walks furthermore. Pet sitters are ideal as dog walkers because the dog and dog owner are already established clients.

Pet sitters happen to be acquainted with their client's dogs and also have gained the trust of the animal and also the family. Now the owners can know their dogs are receiving plenty of exercise and fresh air.

There are several ways those who curently have established a clientele using their pet sitting business can certainly set up a dog-walking clientele. Below are a few suggestions for how the pet sitter can market their additional services:

• Give you a bundle that includes ½ hour or hour long dog walks together with daily pet sitting.

• Give existing clients the very first ½ hour walk for free

• Offer their potential customers referral bonuses of 1 or two free ½ hour walks for each and every new client they send towards the pet sitter/dog walking business

• Create a business name along with a web site to convey a specialist amount of services offered

• Use posters and flyers at community advertising boards and recreational family centers

• Pass out flyers at dog parks and pet stores

Part time pet sitters may not be professionally bonded but they must become so when they're going into business. To truly produce a business of pet sitting/dog walking, you have to ensure their customer's security. The professional pet sitter/dog walker could have access to the client's personal belongings in their home. Automobile item gets lost and also the client accuses the dog-walker/pet-sitter, the link will cover the expense of an item missing.

Becoming bonded ensures pet owners that you are professionally trained and is trusted with their personal belongings. Being a bonded dog walker/pet sitter will give prospective clients satisfaction. Purchasing a form of insurance policies are necessary too because the dogs will probably be outside and possibly interact with other dogs.

It's important for that pet sitter to understand that when they be a dog walker, different skills are essential. Before moving out with all the dog(s), require a practice walk around the yard or in the apartment to be sure they dog is comfortable over a leash.

If you are considering adding dog approaching your dog sitting services, be sure to do the following:

Annapolis Pet Sitting

• purchase insurance like a dog walker

• become bonded or even already to enable you to offer complete professional services

• talk to your clients regarding their dog's habits, special needs, temperament and strength

• purchase one or 2 of your personal leashes and collars should your client's dog leashes/collars usually are not safe and sound

• ensure you have good walking shoes and always wear a wrist watch or timepiece to make sure your walks are properly timed

• advertise your services on the internet as well as on bulltinboards throughout your local area

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